Date Posted
21st Aug 2021

Jasi Masters branded clothing available online

Jasi Masters swimmers now have the option to individually purchase JASI Masters branded clothing online at

Clothing options available (prices exclude shipping)

  • Jasi Swim Club Crew Ladies Icon Tee $19.95
  • Jasi Swim Club Crew Mens Icon Tee $19.95
  • Unisex warm up zip pant $39.95 
  • Unisex warm up jacket $42.50
  • Unisex adults contrast hoodie $64.95
  • Ladies Quarter-zip merino top (280gsm weight) $115
  • Men's Quarter-zip merino top (280gsm weight) $115

How to purchase

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the item, select your size and add to the cart. Click Checkout, and go through the purchase process.

Note that shipping costs will be added to your order. Just an idea - to save on shipping you could purchase with others.
Items are not returnable so please select your size carefully.

Any questions please contact the Company direct - details on their website.

We look forward to seeing these items being worn around the pool and especially at SISC Champs.