We have several membership options for 2020:

  1. Annual Club Membership = $35.
    This applies to all members and if you’d like to be a social club member this is the full cost.
  2. Lane Hire & Coaching Options:
    1. Option 1 (swimming both Sunday & Tuesday sessions each week) = $175. Total cost: $35 + $175 = $210.
    2. Option 2 (swimming either Sunday or Tuesday session each week) = $125. Total cost: $35 + $125 = $160.
  3. NZ Masters Swimming Membership = $70.
    This is required if you’d like to compete at NZ Masters Swimming Meets (sanctioned) and we encourage all members to swim for the club at these. The maximum cost for a competitive swimmer as a result is $280.

The Lane Hire & Coaching fees are calcuated pro rata on a monthly basis. If you join the club in july then you will only have to pay half of the fee. The actual fee due is automatically calculated when you sign up.

Selecting your Group

Please select the frequency of your training session. If you want to participate in official competition then you also need to add the NZMA group.