SISC 2024

JASI Masters are looking forward to hosting the South Island Short Course Champs on 9/10 August 2024 at Jellie Park. The meet will be held over three sessions - Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon. The schedule of the events is available on our event flyer



Link to register for our swim meet. Entries close 29 July 2024.


Please note that to participate in this meet you need to be a member of NZMS ($65 per annum). 

This is theGameday membership link specific for those wishing to swim for JASI Masters


Social Function

A social function will take place at the Five Star Vietnamese restaurant in the Fendalton Village Mall at the corner of Ilam Road and Clyde Road (2 minutes from pool). The cost will be $42 per person. The social event will take place on Saturday 10 August at 5:30 pm. You can register and pay for the social function through the event registration system.